µOS++ SE
“Perfekt ist nicht gut genug”
The micro OS plus plus Second Edition - a C++ open source embedded operating system
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The µOS++ SE Documentation

The µOS++ SE (micro oh es plus plus second edition) project is the second iteration of µOS++, a SourceForge hosted open source, royalty-free, multi-tasking operating system intended for 8/16/32/64 bit embedded systems. It is based on a simple preemptive scheduler specifically designed for ARM Cortex M devices and also (for historical reasons) ported on AVR8 devices. Being carefully written in a subset of C++11, it is modern, convenient to use, easy to maintain, yet efficient and with a small footprint.

Browsing the project

For browsing the project, the recommended starting point is the Modules hierarchy (also available in the left pane), that groups the definitions by subject, regardless of the physical location. In addition, the same information can be viewed as Classes by the position of the class in the namespaces hierachy, or as Files by the position in the file system hierarchy.

The source code itself, publicly available for browsing via the web Git Browse interface is another good source of information, althought the Files view may be easier to use. (Additional resources can be found in the SourceForge trackers mentioned in the Support page). The configuration metadata is documented in the XCDL wiki.

The User Manual and the Wiki pages

In addition to the authoritative µOS++ reference documents (generated from the project source files), more information is available from:

Other links

For your convenience, here are some other direct links to useful pages:

[As most Doxygen based documentations, this site is fully generated from files located in the µOS++ repository only].